Home Delivery 
With services like our Home Delivery, you can choose to have the fundraising product delivered right to the parent's home via UPS instead of to the school. There is no product for your organization to distribute, saving your volunteers countless time and energy.  It's as simple as 1-2-3!  Simply collect the orders with payment, send the orders to Lavender's, and then you can celebrate and spend your profit!  We know your time is valuable, and many organizations rely on just a few volunteers to coordinate their fundraising efforts during the year.  This method affords them the ability to complete their fundraiser with little or no effort.  Imagine eliminating the parents coming to the school to pick up their orders or sending the orders home on the bus! 




Don't just take our word for it, here is what our schools and organizations are saying about us.  For a list of references, please feel free to contact us directly and we'd be more than happy to provide you with a list of local schools that have experienced first hand how well our programs work.


"Thank you again for the prompt delivery of the cookie dough. Lavenders truly helped to make our fundraising program run so smoothly. It shows that your company cares. Terry and I both agree that Lavenders was the perfect company to help us "novice fundraiser chairpersons" get the job done so easily!  Thanks again for all you have done for us.
- Thalberg Elementary (Southington, Connecticut)



"Thank you Lavender's for making our first fundraiser of the year such a great success.  We have been very pleased with all the professionalism that we have encountered with all of the staff at Lavender's.  The products are of great quality and the short amount of time it has taken to get them back to our customers has been a wonderful surprise.  We look forward to working with you in the near future.
- Van Schaick Grade School PTA (Cohoes, Toll-Free)



"Thank you again for another GREAT year. It has been a pleasure working with you. A business is only as good as it's workers and you guys are fantastic!

- Sullivan West PTSO DV Campus (Callicoon, Toll-Free)



Our elementary school, after working with Lavender's, nearly doubled its normal fundraising sales during the same time period as the year before.  The incentive package and the kick-off rally for the children was a HUGE hit with the kids and a major reason why our sales increased. The customer service was terrific! Someone was always there to answer our questions.  We are already looking forward to working with Lavender’s for another fundraising drive!"

- Gunston Elementary (Lorton, Virginia)



"Success! Success! Success! Three cheers for Lavenders! In 2004, The Kings Park and Kings Glen Elementary School PTA increased its net fall fundraising profit by 55% over 2003. Our parents were very pleased with the catalog offerings. The character brand wrapping paper was an outstanding seller. Lavenders made the delivery and sorting of the items a breeze and the Lavender customer service made everything run smoothly."

- Kings Park & Kings Glen Elementary (Burke, VA)



"Rawls Byrd Elementary had it's First catalog fundraiser in 15 years. The school PTA didn't know how the parents and teachers would react. It was always stressed that "Our children wouldn't sell door to door." This experience and the large sum of money that was easily raised with Lavender's taking the "Negative and Hard" work out the fundraising has revised the school's attitude towards fundraising. Rawls Byrd Elementary is pleased to use Lavender's next year and in many following years to come."

- Rawls Byrd Elementary (Williamsburg, VA)



"I am very pleased with your company and the service you provide! Lavender's provides quick service and using a local company for our fundraiser was a huge hit! They were/are always available to answer questions! Thanks a million for helping our school raise money with very little effort on our part!"
- Groveton Elementary PTA (Alexandria, VA)



"Lavender's provided prompt, efficient and personal service that makes a fundraiser successful. If the parents/students that order were as pleasant and responsive, we will have a wonderful world!
- Loch Lomond Elementary PTO (Manassas, VA)



"We made more than we expected, and the incentives they gave to our students was a great success.  Lavender's was extremely supportive and always there to answer a question when we needed them.  The packing and delivery issues were seamless, and we will be using Lavender's again this fall .  While we have worked with other companies in the past, we feel Lavender's offers more variety in both their programs and their products.  I really enjoyed working with Lavender's, and felt their follow-through and accessibility were above and beyond what I expected.  I am looking forward to working with them again.

- Georgian Forest Elementary (Silver Spring, Maryland)



"I worked with Lavender's on a Spring fundraiser utilizing the UPS delivery and found their company very professional and responsive.  I was pleased with the products and the outcome - and plan on working with Lavender's next year as well!

- Silver Spring International Middle School (Silver Spring, Maryland)



"Lavenders made our fall fundraiser easy.  They gave us excellent advice, provided top-notch support, and kept all of their promises.  Plus, they were "on call" virtually any time of day or night.  As a result, we increased our gross revenue by about 75%.  I'd recommend Lavenders to any organization looking to boost its fundraising proceeds."

- Terra Centre Elementary (Burke, Virginia)



"One parent contacted me to let me know how EXCITED her daughter was to go out and sell the Lavender's gift items. She has never expressed an interest in the past fundraisers. The incentive from the kick-off assembly sparked her enthusiasm.  As a PTA Officer I was very please that we increased our sales from last year. I contribute it to the overwhelming success of the kick-off assembly and teacher participation.  We are very pleased with the professionalism provided to us by Lavender's!"

- Daniels Run Elementary (Fairfax, Virginia)




Lavender's partnership with the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. 
Lavender's proudly supports the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. and every year our company purchases many of their "Adopt-a-Species" kits.  In turn, we then donate these kits to classrooms of the schools that we work with as a "thank you" for their hard work.  The teachers like this program because it's educational, students like it because it's exciting, and Lavender's likes it because it raises an awareness not only in the National Zoo and the great programs it has to offer but also because it helps our children to become environmentally conscious at a young age.  To view more information on this partnership between Lavender's and the Smithsonian National Zoo visit: 


Just scroll down and view the left-hand side to see the write-up on our company.




Higher Profits 
Lavender's offers up to 50% profit on our programs. And remember that we NEVER charge for shipping, brochures, or prizes.  Once you compare us with other companies you will see that our profit is at the top of the fundraising industry.




Better Quality 
We offer the finest selection of fundraising products available today, and all items are "Satisfaction Guaranteed".  Every year we pledge to bring your organization the best programs to choose from. We incorporate a majority of better quality American-made products into our brochures. We also design many of our programs for exclusive use with our company, and have dozens of brochures to choose from - gift catalogs, gel candles, home flags, Sara Lee, Mrs. Fields, dry baking mixes - the list goes on!




More Variety 
When you meet with our company, it is like meeting with 25 different fundraising companies.  We know your time is valuable, and every year we will bring your group many choices so that you can pick the program that best fits your needs and your community.  With over a dozen gift catalogs to choose from, we also have additional programs such as frozen foods (pizzas, pies, cheesecakes, and cookie dough), dry mix cookie dough and baking mixes that do not need refrigeration, candles, home and decorative garden flags, flower bulbs, magazines, chocolates, and many more!  




Computer Tallying & Scanning
Your entire order will arrive computerized and with easy to read summary reports.  We also scan every order on our computerized packing line - every item is bar coded and scanned to ensure packing accuracy.




Student Packing
All orders will arrive packaged per student and labeled by classroom/grade for easy distribution.   




Free Awards 
Your organization never pays for awards - they are always provided FREE!  This included goal-accumulative prizes, classroom awards, and special drawings!




Free Brochures 
There is no investment required on your part at all!  We pay for all brochures and materials you need to run the fundraiser.




Free Delivery 
Orders are delivered within 3-4 weeks of processing your order forms.




Family Owned 
Lavender's is a family owned and operated company, and has been since we opened our doors in 1978. For over 30 years we have been helping schools, bands, dance studios, athletic teams, and many others raise money to benefit their organizations.  With several generations of family members involved in the day to day operations, you can always rest assured that when you contact us for your fundraising needs, you will be dealing with a company that cares about you and your organization and will go out of our way to ensure you have the most successful fundraiser ever.  We give our customers the personalized support and attention you deserve.




Local Company 
Most schools and organizations prefer to support local workers and local businesses.




Best Service 
A company with over 30 years experience, integrity, and principles you trust.  When you work with Lavender's, you know you have made the best decision for the students - the ultimate beneficiaries! We look forward to serving your fundraising needs and answering any questions you have.





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