Welcome to Lavender's 
Lavender’s is a 37-year old, family owned business.  With two corporate offices, our New York headquarters is located in picturesque Bolton Landing, NY that overlooks one of America’s pristine queen lakes, Lake George, surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Adirondack Mountains.  Our Virginia corporate office is centrally located in the historic city of Alexandria, Virginia just outside our nation’s capitol.
“Setting a new standard in fundraising” says everything about our programs and our philosophy. Our strength is developing better quality programs while concentrating on American-made products in fundraising. Organizations realize that our superior quality programs are proven to help them raise more profit, and customers are happier with their purchases. 
Every year we pledge to bring you the best programs to choose from with strong name brand recognition such as American-made and recycled gift-wrap, Boston's Best Coffee, Fresh Balsam Wreaths from the Worcester Wreath Company, Create-A-Memory, Serenity music CD's, Home Delivery cookie dough, earth-friendly flower bulbs, all-natural gourmet baking mixes, eco-friendly product options from Mother Earth Fundraising, and more!



We also offer our Home Delivery Service that makes fundraising easy as 1-2-3!  No product to handle or distribute.  Orders are UPS’ed directly to your parents.  Eliminates sending orders home on the bus.  Eliminates parents coming to school to pick up orders.  Also saves time and energy for your hardworking volunteers.
Since 1978, we have been helping Schools, Bands, Athletic Teams, Scouts, Church Groups, Daycare Centers, Dance Studios, and others raise money to benefit their organizations.  Call our personalized Customer Service Department at 1-800-345-6603 to get started.


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