Lavender's is a family owned and operated company, and has been since we opened our doors in 1978. For the past 37 years we have been helping schools, bands, dance studios, athletic teams, and many others raise money to benefit their organizations. Learn more.




Every year we pledge to bring your organization the best programs to choose from. We incorporate a majority of better quality American-made products into our brochures. We also design many of our programs for exclusive use with our company, and have dozens of brochures to choose from - gift catalogs, flower bulbs, fresh balsam wreaths, all-natural baking mixes - the list goes on! Learn more.






With services like our Home Delivery, you can choose to have the fundraising product delivered right to the parent's home via UPS instead of to the school. There is no product for your organization to distribute, saving your volunteers countless time and energy. Learn more.




Lavender's is searching for field representatives to help schools and organizations in their local communities, while earning a supplemental income. Opportunities await for part-time or full-time employees. Learn more.

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